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Sunday, April 10, 2011

porkdodger tea parties

You would think after 24 years of this nonsense it wouldn’t bother me anymore. I’ve long been the odd man out. The ugly duckling or the awkward one. I’ve never been very good at playing by the rules or pretending that others judgment’s or nonsense didn’t bother me. Well maybe its because I am now part of a church family who doesn’t judge or that maybe its because I’ve reached a point in my life where I finally have the courage to speak out against the nonsense and the pretense. I’ve grown up around this concept that the measure of your ability to raise your children is based on the degrees they have and the number of non God given holes in their heads and ink in there skin. I’ve watched as mothers have clucked from the back of the church and during potluck to each other about mr and mrs johnsons troubled kid. “oh lets make sure so and so’s son or daughter gets extra prayer this week” not because there was actually anything morally deficient or wrong with them but because they  come to church in jeans and have more than the acceptable number of holes in there ears or heaven forbid one in there lip. Well I’ve quite had it with all this nonsense. I am tired of being treated like the prodigal child and like there’s  something terribly wrong with me for looking how i do . I am a very accomplished and well traveled 24 year old. I don’t know a lot of parents who child decided at 22 that there gonna move 2500 hundred miles away to dedicate there lives for 2 years for the cause of serving the poor and being the Lords hands and feet. But somehow no matter how well I’m doing or what amazing things I’ve contributed to society , I am still judged based on the fact that I chose to have holes in my ears or ink in my skin.. it doesn’t matter that the most visible tattoos I have speak of the unfailing love of Christ or that I got them for the purpose of having a constant reminder of Who my God is. When are we as the church finally going to be able to look at somebody like me and treat them like there part of the family? At the church body that Im a part of I’ve never once seen somebody judged based on appearance  or lack of “success” that willingness to look past the outward appearance is what it means to truly see people as Jesus see’s them and not as our fleshly judgmental hearts would quickly appraise their worth as less than others who look more "christian like" anyways thats my rant for today.

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