Musings of a mini mexican

I am small, I am mighty, I am loved chosen and destined. I write not for anyone else to read really but to keep myself sane. Its how I process and in the process I have discovered I have a gift with words.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

acidental evesdropping on a tree fort bus.

I spend hours listening to strangers talk. conversations overheard like so many bits of washed up treasure from a shipwreck. conversations about who's in jail, who got out, who needs work. babies,heartbreak and heroism. these bits of conversation float past my ears and I pretend not to hear the secrets of strangers lives. The bus seems like a tree fort on wheels. A place to share your secrets, make new friends and catch up on old ones. the essential values of community can be learned on a bus ride to anywhere.

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