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I am small, I am mighty, I am loved chosen and destined. I write not for anyone else to read really but to keep myself sane. Its how I process and in the process I have discovered I have a gift with words.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

when the trash in our hearts trumps the trash in our streets.

Pardon me Portland, your underbelly is showing.
There’s a man in line at Carl’s jr who can barely stand because he keeps nodding out from the heroin he just slammed in the bathroom marked customers only.
For a city know for being green its awfully dark these days I guess green is the new black
As another broken soul with a mental illness gets shot instead of rescued.
Someone else in the city gets a pat on the back for buying a prius.
It seems the bigger the holes in our ears
The bigger the holes in our hearts…
Its easy to ignore pain, poverty and addiction
When its as much as a part of the sidewalk
As the Willamette week paper box

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