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Saturday, October 23, 2010

wednesday june 24th 2009 from a driveway in the projects

The funny thing about death is...
it makes you appreciate life and its brevity
its causes you to stop and spend more time with the people around you.
last night i was cleaning my room and i put up the posters i made of Nichole Payne and Nicholas Grants funeral stuff , those two posters have moved 4 times and 3000 miles with me. people have asked me why I carry them around and its to remind me of that life is a gift and tomorrow is never guaranteed. before i was 17 I hadn't lost anyone my age that i was close to or even knew but since then heres the list.
Beckie Walsh-Cousin, camp buddy and childhood bff. reason =cancer
Jason Eisele-classmate and boyfriend of one of my closest friends in high school.reason =car wreck
Nichole Payne-classmate and close friend of alot my friends. reason=car wreck
Allison Brady-classmate pe and health buddy and my first Mormon friend=reason ATV accident
Nicholas Grant-homie for life , part of the Calvary temple youth group and part of one of the best summers of my life.-reason-suicide
Carol Atwood-my high school counselor and the person responsible for me being alive and finished with high school. I owe so much to her and am daily greatful for all she did in my life. reason-not sure
And just today ...Brad Ventura/my hallway friend and the most cheerful and loving people that I have ever met in my life. Brad truly radiated Jesus in way that not many do and I am glad that He is there with the Lord now. RIP Hallway Friend
this isnt even all of it its just wha i could remember off the top of my head. so the moral of this rant is as follows.
Life is a gift , Love fiercely and with no regrets because tomorrow is never promised.

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